Mixed Media Art

I love working with this mixed media techique by combining traditional methods with computer-aided finishing touch! I kind of found this style after taking an art therapy oriented course where we were creating surface patterns by mind relaxing painting tasks. I decided to use my color testing papers for my final work using paper-cut technique. Since that I have used this paper-cut method to create art works.

I love the multi phased process from painting papers to cutting them. It is always a little surprise how the paper-cutted pieces turn out as a cohesive pattern. I love the variety of accidental and casual versatile surfaces of the art work. This style combines my love for different surfaces and structures. When you make them by hand in this digitalized world, you don’t use eraser that much and allow more occurences to happen.

This style works well both in paper products and on digital printed fabric. Click images for details.

Suvea Buttercup

Lemonly kuosi Suvea

Banany kuosi Suvea

Peachy kuosisuunnittelu Suvea

Chocolate Fruit kuosi Suvea

Growth surface pattern design Suvea
Chocolate Fruit Green print Suvea

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