A little bit of me and my thoughts behind what I do

  • Summer me
    I’ve been having a long vacation from my day job as a designer this summer. I have had time to create art and just be and think about life on the side, a.k.a daydream. The first part of my vacation, the weather here in Finland was really hot and sunny. I spent a lot of time … Read more
  • Inside the Floral Bubble
    I have launched a small collection of flowery stationary for sale via Redbubble. Redbubble is an Australian based print-on-demand, aka POD, company. As it says, the orders are always printed on demand with the art of independent artists, so there are no stocks waiting anywhere. Orders are printed and shipped by 3rd-party fulfillers based on … Read more
  • Suvea – my place for daydreams
    It must have been year 2015 or 2016 when I came up with the name Suvea. I had graduated with an interior designer degree but I was struggling to find a job with my degree. I was working in a super market and doing art on my freetime. I went to a print making course … Read more
  • Creating Mini Collections 2023
    I am the one myself who when buying something chooses products because of the nice appearance. When I need to buy a notebook, I choose the cover that really speaks to me. Most probably it is with flowers or nice colors. It took quite long to realise that to put together all my artistic urges … Read more