Hello there!

Great to see you here! My name is Saara Suvela. I´m a creative person, Designer & Interior Architect. I´m originally from a small village in the Southern Finland where I spent first 18 years of my life. I currently live in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I´m blessed to live in a walking distance of the city center and having the beautiful landscapes of Baltic Sea behind the block. As getting older, I also (and again after my urban young adulthood) enjoy escaping to the nature of eastern Finland lakeside on the summer weekends, like most of the Finns!

Visual things, colors and handicrafts have always been important factors in my life. Observing nature, art and beautiful color combinations is vital to me. I love when the difference between handmade and computer made line is not significant. I use different medias to create patterns from digital painting (raster, vector) to paper-cut collages. I often sketch by hand on paper but also straight with the pad.

My passion is to do pattern and surface designs that fit perfectly to e.g. clothing fabrics, homeware & paper goods / stationary. I have a collection of ready-made patterns and I also do commissions. With the experience in Interior Architecture & Design I can see the big picture so I´d be happy to assist you to choose the right pattern, colors and scale for your product or project so that they all can shine!

Read more of my thoughts behind my art in my Blog

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