Summer me

I’ve been having a long vacation from my day job as a designer this summer. I have had time to create art and just be and think about life on the side, a.k.a daydream. The first part of my vacation, the weather here in Finland was really hot and sunny. I spent a lot of time outside in parks, beaches and biking around. It reminded me of those long school summer holidays as a kid. The summer and the amount of daylight makes me feel so energetic and full of potential. Summertime here is around 3-4 months depending on the weather. I catch myself thinking I wish it could always be summer. But then I was taken back to ground with the comment that it would not feel so super special then. I think inspiration also needs time to rest. The amount of light just surprises me every spring after long winter months. You can do art in the daylight till the late night! 

A glimse of my art process

She means a person she became on summer time and that person will start to have wild, sometimes reasonable and sometime irrational dreams that would never work in a real life

But I can’t help how my creative daydream mood takes over. In my dreams I am already living in my own renovated house in the countryside and working in my garden. Some years ago that was so a far-distance dream for me. And I still don’t believe it. It was just the heat that made me hallucinate. Head editor Mari Karsikas in magazine “Trendi” no. 5/23 used a term “summer me” (in Finnish “kesäminä”) and explained how with that she means a person she became on summer time and that person will start to have wild, sometimes reasonable, and sometime irrational, dreams that would never work in a real life if you really would start to plan them. I totally recognize this and this was happening to me this summer. It was great to notice I´m not the only one. And it´s great to have the name for the diagnoze: summer me. Maybe it is a holiday for your brain when it doesn’t need to be so rational all the time. 

A view from our summer place
Music festival day in the heat in Helsinki

So what have I been doing? I’ve been spending time outside. Swimming, biking, wandering around. I have been swimming both in sea and lakes. I have visited a few summer cottages and places in addition to our own. I was abroad on holiday for a very long time. I went to a music festival to see my younghood favourite Anastacia! Visiting art museums and galleries. Seeing friends. I have been creating. Debating my time between time spent outside and creating art inside. I have been doing art journaling, new surface for challenges, and planning a new collection. I took part in a poster competition. Planning the path of my illustration and surface pattern design career. Receiving artist samples of a planner with a pattern of mine.

And just to say that I’m also a person who loves the mood of each different season. I can write about all of them when they pass by later. Now I will go to enjoy my last week of official summer holiday!

Best, Summer-Saara

Ps. I also updated my home page. What do you like about it?

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