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It must have been year 2015 or 2016 when I came up with the name Suvea. I had graduated with an interior designer degree but I was struggling to find a job with my degree. I was working in a super market and doing art on my freetime. I went to a print making course but later on I started to make block printing at home. I remember I was dreaming of having my own business but I didn’t really have a clear picture what I would do with it. While daydreaming and looking for my direction in life I was playing with an idea of having my own brand or a shop. I was even thinking what would be the name for it.

I remember I was signing my blockprinting cards and accidentally misspelt my last name. It said “Suvea” on the paper. I stared at it and thought that “well that sounds like a brand name!” I can see that 2016 I opened up an Instagram account called “Suvea_prints” for my art. “Prints” was because of block printing I made that time. 

Handprinted logo I made in 2016 without the finilized idea of my own brand or company

Then I catched an exciting job and moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I settled down to my job, new city and new life. I still had time to do artsy stuff on my freetime. It changed from sewing, acryl painting to charcoal drawing. I also took a single surface pattern design course in 2018 in Helsinki. Summer 2021 somehow I found 3D mockups and I tested my old surface prints on them to fulfill my portfolio. Then I started to find more surface pattern themed accounts and makers behind them in Instagram. It really hit me that surface pattern design is a thing!

I started to realize how surface pattern design would combine all my loves and skills. It would be my way to do art.

I love different surfaces and textures. I love colors and flowers. I love the process of making and seeing the result of my own improvement. I love fabrics and sewing. I am an interior designer by education, so I do love interiors and different materials. I started to realize how surface pattern design would combine all my loves and skills. It would be my way to do art.

Creating my own brand gives me the reason to play and test, build up something my own. There are some many things to learn for this from developing my own signature style, technical skills for print files to marketing and branding. While having a rest from creating when tired in the dark winter nights I can binge-watch online classes and podcasts. The list will be endless on this journey but all I do now is tied to one thing and goal. Creating feels meaningful. Somehow it feels like almost all I have done has led to this path. Suvea is my own colorful world where I can escape for hours.

A brand leaflet with my own prints from summer 2022

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